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When We Render Melodies

Title: When We Render Melodies (with our guitars and lungs)
Author: pop_punk_baby
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kradam
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Lies, all lies.
Summary: In which there are five kisses (on the lips, fingers, foreheads, and ones that are barely kisses at all), and a series of interconnected drabbles. Or, The Four Times Adam Kisses Kris and the One Time Kris Kisses Adam.
Author’s Notes: Lots of fluff. One drabble inspired by the first day of spring and the amazing weather in LA lately. The rest just flowed from there.

Posted over at kradam_kiss under my non-writing usernname moonlightheaven here:

(his soft brown eyes are impossibly bright in the early afternoon la sun)

*Will repost here after the round ends, for archiving purposes.


From Coast to Coast

Title: From Coast to Coast
Author: pop_punk_baby
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kradam
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: This story is fiction. I do not own Adam or Kris.
Summary: And they sit together in a hotel room on the 22nd floor of some random building in New York City, the neon lights illuminating the darkened room like a big city's makeshift moonlight. Somewhat like a series of drabbles, but all tied together to tell a story. Plus, future!fic.

A/N: Although this is not my first fic, I haven’t written anything for two years so I’m probably a little rusty. And this is also my first venture into rpf, the idol fandom, and slash. I hope its good/you enjoy it. *crosses fingers* please be gentle! :)
(Also I’m considering turning this fic into a chaptered story, one chapter for each drabble, since it’s summer now and I have all this free time and I’m kinda feeling inspired. Though it’d probably be a lot different stylistically. But I’m not sure yet, so first let’s just see how this goes.)

you make me want to lose control...Collapse )


Jim Sturgess Fic

Peppermint and Cigarette Smoke (Working Title) // Jim Sturgess // One-Shot (unfinished)

Another beer and an "I"m Jim" later, he's dancing with a girl in a black dress.

Read more...Collapse )

~Also posted to quizilla (will update with link later) for feedback purposes only, since I hate their new layout.
Posted there as chapters, here as a one-shot (its original and intended format)

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